The most important part of holding a Time to Change event – big or small - is the conversation: getting people talking about mental health to help reduce stigma and discrimination.

This involves creating opportunities to involve both people with and without experience of mental health problems to interact and learn from each other. And training up your 'lived experience' Champions is really important as it helps to prepare them for the kind of conversations they can expect to have - and also helps to get them excited about the message of Time to Change.

Below are some training videos made by Time to Change for a series of mass participation events we used to organise. There is some valuable learning here for more modest events and activities. Why not use these to help train your Champions? You could have a group discussion after each video to talk about the issues raised and clarify that all the Champions have understood the messages in the videos:

1 - Introduction

2 - Opening conversations

3 - Personal experience

4 - Challenging stigma

5 - Ending conversations