The role of a Champion is what you make it to be, but sometimes it helps to get some guidance and information about what the role can entail and how your role could be shaped by the needs of your workplace and colleagues. You could also grow your role by learning and sharing with Champions from other organisations who have signed the Pledge. 

Time to Change will offer you free training on "Being a Champion" to help you:

  • To consider your own personal experience of stress, anxiety, low mood or other mental health problems, and whether sharing this as a Champion is right for you. If so, what might that look like?
  • To understand how important boundaries are to the role and how they can be implemented.
  • To be clearer about safeguarding.
  • To identify ways you can best prepare and protect yourself when speaking up about mental health discrimination. 
  • To meet other Champions. 
  • To find opportunities to openly discuss ideas and speak about any concerns you may have around the role of Champion.
  • To provide you with information about where to find resources and further information

Feedback from Champions who have attended a session 
“Thoughts on how to share my experiences helped and gave me positive ideas.”  

“I found the reflection exercise very powerful….Initially I felt like a bit of a fraud for not sharing my personal experiences but I have realised it’s my decision to make."


A Complete Handbook for Champions in the Workplace

Why wait till you are all trained up. We have a handbook just for Champions in the Workplace here so that you can get started right away with those all important conversations about mental health. 

Learning, Sharing and Networking Events for Champions

You will be invited to events where you will get the chance to share ideas with other Champions or something similar. Each event will cover a key theme:

  • Preparing for Time to Talk Day and how to engage men to talk about mental health
  • How to support the growth of a peer support network if you are a Champion Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Mental Health

Our vision behind these events are for Champions to strengthen relationship with one another, a relationship that empowers and motivates all. The events will also be a place where Champions can share ideas and best practices with one another whilst also getting support for any difficulties experienced. 

Ultimately the vision is to create a strong network of Champions whose collective voice will be so stronger and louder than ever before breaking down that stigma and discrimination around mental health.

Champions Forum Online

You will be invited to an online Champions Forum. Champions can post information, items of interest, blogs, and questions as well as having discussions. The Champions Forum Online is a closed forum that is based on an invitation basis only.  

Through this forum;

  • You can make contact with other Champions via email without having to log on to anything other than your email account
  • You can ask questions and guidance from other Champions especially if you are new to the campaign

If you would like more information, then please email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.