As a Champion in the workplace, there are opportunities to do lots of different activities - but navigating the role in your workplace can be a challenge. We've put together some handy resources to help you manage different aspects of being a Champion.   

Activity guide: Read our activity guide for lots of ideas and tips to help you start your campaign in the workplace.

Six degrees of being in a colleagues corner: A pack that helps you to think about how you can support and or start conversations with colleagues who you work closely with and those that you don't. There are also tips for you if you are a line manager!

Starting a conversation: We're all human.  We all have mental health. Talking about it makes a big difference. Here's a document with some advice on how to have that conversation.

Speaking up: Speaking about your own lived experience of stress, anxiety, low mood or other mental health problems is arguably the most effective tool in smashing stereotypes and challenging myths.  Read this tool on how to go about doing so in the safest and most effective way possible.

Steam of consciousness exercise: Everybody has a story to tell - but not many of us would know where to start.  Use this 'stream of consciousness' activity to help yourself and your colleagues to think about how they might share their own experiences of stress, anxiety, low mood or other mental health problems.

Managing conversations with struggling colleagues: As a Champion, you will likely find that colleagues turn to you when they need help.  Here are some tips for managing these conversations based on what we have learnt.

Signposting to Support: We are not all mental health professionals, and some problems are beyond our capabilities to help with.  What matters is knowing where to point someone so they can find someone who can.  This document contains a template for signposting as well as a suggested list of organisations to signpost colleagues to.

Setting healthy boundaries: To set healthy boundaries means to preserve your integrity, take responsibility for your Champion role, and to take control of your work-life and wellbeing. This can be a difficult balance to strike. Here is some food for thought when it comes to setting and maintaining healthy boundaries.

Case studies 


World Mental Health Day 2018 is just around the corner! You can download an activity pack to help you below:

6 Degrees in a Colleagues Corner. The pack includes ideas and information that you can use and distribute to help your colleagues be there for one another.