Champion Mark's top tips

  • I know it sounds simple but the main job is to plan in advance what your going to do but remember not to overthink, some of the best events are as simple as some Time to Change tip cards and tea and coffee. When organising what you're going to do plan but also delegate. Try not to over stress, if something isn't going right just take time out and refresh your mind even if that means ending what you're doing for that day and starting again tomorrow.
  • The main purpose is to get people talking don’t forget that it’s the main aim of the day.
  • Be mindful and don't overstretch yourself​. Organising an event however big or small takes time and can be not only physically draining but mentally draining too take plenty of time out moments and on the day itself remember your human you’re doing an amazing thing but you are not a superhero.
  • Shout about your event to the local news media there are some great press release templates on the time to change website use them and make aware of your event
  • On the day it’s always a great idea to have a general tick box list so it will aid you that you’ve done everything you needed to do

These tips are just my help and advice for you but the main thing is enjoy the day and get people talking!! Lastly Good Luck!


Planning your activity
E-learning modules on activity planning
Health and safety
After the event