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Time to Change is establishing a mental health peer learning network in Bristol. Meeting quarterly, the network will enable secondary school senior leaders and local stakeholders to share knowledge, information and best practice around mental health and host or commission joint initiatives.

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The need

Mental health stigma and discrimination can have a profound impact on young people’s lives;  preventing them from fulfilling their potential or seeking help, leading to loneliness, depression and loss of confidence. Mental health stigma negatively impacts young people's educational outcomes.

“When I first found out that I had some mental health problems I told a few of my close friends and somehow it all got out round my year at school. Half the people sort of turned round and said “oh she’s lying to get attention, she doesn’t seem mentally ill”, and the other half of the people just turned round and said “well she’s too dangerous to be in school, we can’t talk to her”. 

Time to Change Young People's Panel Member

Most worryingly, young people have told us that mental health stigma has made them want to give up on life.

Time to Change

Time to Change has been running a national programme to end mental health stigma and discrimination aimed at adults since 2007 and in 2011 expanded this to reach young people, including delivering specific work within secondary school settings.

From digital advertising to leadership programmes in schools Time to Change has started the conversation with over 1.27 million young people and secondary school staff about mental health. 

Our latest schools pilot achieved a 15% reduction in derogatory language used by young people. Young people were 13% more likely to talk about mental health to friends and 16% more likely to do so to teachers. The confidence levels of young people with lived experience of mental health problems to tackle stigma rose by 6.8% overall.

"One boy with mental health problems went around the Time to Change activity and said..

Miss, I'm so happy you did this. It makes me feel normal "  


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Benefits for network member schools

Free training training for staff; specialist training sessions for school staff about mental health stigma and discrimination.

Free training for students; leadership training sessions for groups of students, designed to help develop a cohort of young leaders who can deliver an in-school campaign. 

"Challenging the stigma and misconceptions about mental health requires a starting point and some knowledge of where to signpost students and staff for support should they need it.  Having a network of colleagues and contacts from both in and out of other schools can give you that starting point. Moreover, it's so important that we have the opportunity to share ideas that have really worked."

Matthew Wright, Headteacher at Wrotham School 


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