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Episode 4

Mental Health Awareness Week focuses on Stress and  takes place from 14 – 20 May.

Keith introduces 'Chatterbox' a play on ‘getting on your soapbox’ to look at the person behind the Champion.

Guests include seasoned campaigner Amy Rose and Henry Chapman who is considering becoming a Champion.

Lots of news including results of a survey to determine the name of the podcast,  the upcoming changes to General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), Ford Motors Elephant in the Transit Van and looking forward to Volunteers Week in June.

Episode 3

Keith chats with Os Osborne who is one of the brains behind the Time to Change Village and SoMe. Both of these concepts have been used by Champions to hold conversations with members of the public about mental health stigma and discrimination.

Oz (who has 'Champion' running through his core like a stick of Blackpool' rock) talks about his 12th Man (Football) and Rear View Mirror (Barber Shops), two new initiatives to get conversations started with men developed by The Outsiders.

Miriam has some news about Public Liability Insurance which is going to be made available to any Time to Change Champion organising a public facing event which requires cover. Conditions apply.



Os Osborne

Os Osborne at mic


Episode 2

Miriam and Keith share what they got up to on Time to Talk Day 2018 in London and Southampton. They also review what Champions got up to across the UK. 

Miriam explores with Angela Etherington what it means to her to be a Champion and what her work at Time to Change involves as Communities Equalities Coordinator for the South East.


Angela Etherington


Angela Etherington

Episode 1

The podcast introduces your host presenters. Miriam explores the role of a Champion and Keith interviews Time to Change Champion and producer of Men Talk Health Podcast, Davey Shields. With Time to Talk Day coming, Miriam shares  latest news. We also hear what Champions are doing in the Brighton area and a new musical.


Davey Shields

@DaveyShields Men Talk Health

Davey Shields at Mic


Kat Lee Ryan

 @fabreddiesel   The Fabulous Red Diesel

Kat Lee Ryan at Piano


Craig Hanlon-Smith


Craig Hanlon Smith