There’s no right or wrong way to get involved – every conversation about mental health helps to make it a normal subject for people to talk about.

Too often, it’s left to people with mental health problems to talk about mental health. It’s treated as a taboo subject – something to only be spoken about in quiet corners. But mental health affects us all, and everyone should feel able to talk about it.

That’s why, for Time to Talk Day 2018, we want to spread the word that wherever you are, any place can be the right space to talk about mental health.

What are other people planning?

Need inspiration? We asked some of our supporters what they were planning, and here's what they said: 

  • “A craft and chat evening at my house for my friends”
  • “Talking to people about mental health at the garden where I volunteer”
  • “Running a stand in our local railway station that day speaking to commuters and travellers”
  • “An event at our local youth centre”
  • “Holding a quiz at our café to bust myths”
  • “Setting up a stand in the reception at work”
  • “Inviting my new mummy friends round with their little ones to talk about mental health in general and support each other”
  •  “I’ll be doing a Youtube video talking about the day and the importance of mental health discussion”
  • “I’m going to talk to my housemates”

Resources to help you get started

  • Share our graphics on social media and ask your followers about their mental health
  • Download and print our conversation starter and tip card
  • Put posters and bunting up if you are holding an event
Download materials for Time to Talk Day
Get posters, conversation starters, screensavers and much more, to start spreading the word.