PLEASE NOTE We are currently prioritising T-shirt orders for Champions activities taking place before Time to Talk Day (November - January).

We will send out all T-shirts for Time to Talk Day in January. The deadline to order a T-shirt for Time to Talk Day 2020 is 21 January. We have limited stock so please order early.


So you're organising a Time to Change activity? That's great! 

If you're a Time to Change Community Champion, we can send you a t-shirt to wear on the day! Just fill in the form below to receive your free t-shirt in the post.  

Please note you must be registered as a Time to Change Champion to receive a t-shirt. Please order at least two weeks prior to your activity to allow time for postage.

Due to limited availability, you can only order a t-shirt for yourself. If you are part of a Time to Change Champions Group, each Champion must fill in the form below to order their own.

You could also print your own t-shirt using the graphics on our resource page