Who are Time to Change Southampton & Portsmouth?

We are a social movement aiming to change the way people think and act about mental health in Southampton & Portsmouth.

Partners in Time to Change Southampton & Portsmouth are:

  • Southampton City Council
  • Portsmouth City Council
  • Hampshire Constabulary
  • NHS Southampton
  • NHS Portsmouth
  • Solent NHS Trust
  • Southern Health NHS
  • Solent University
  • Pompey in the Community

Together we coordinate a robust and consistent approach to tackling mental health stigma across both cities. We do this by putting people with lived experience at the forefront of the movement.

Our work includes being present and vocal in the cities, supporting employers to sign up to the Time to Change Employer Pledge, encouraging local education to embed anti-stigma work and advocating for anti-stigma principles and outcomes to be embedded in wider strategy and plans.

Together we will end mental health discrimination.

How does Time to Change Southampton & Portsmouth work?

One of the key elements in our vision is that “people with lived experience share the power to design, deliver and lead mental health services.” We engage local people with lived experience as Time to Change Champions and give them the opportunity to take ownership of anti-stigma activity through the Champions Fund, helping to encourage further participation with Solent Mind and wider mental health services.

We provide opportunities for people with lived experience of mental health problems to challenge stigma and discrimination across both cities.

Our Champions are passionate about making a difference and talking openly about mental health, which means we are able to engage in as much Social Contact as possible.

Some of the large events we have in 2019/2020 are:

  • Southampton Pride
  • Portsmouth Pride
  • Southampton Mela Festival
  • Portsmouth Comic-Con
  • Southampton Seaside In The Square

How can I get involved?

You can register to become a Champion online. From there you will be able to engage in local events and also apply for your funding to help run your own activities and  events.

Time to Change Southampton and Portsmouth promote our Hub activities through regularly updated social media accounts, including our private Champions Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram.

Contact us

Hub coordinator: Ian Hurst
General enquiries: ttc@solentmind.org.uk
Twitter: @ttcsotonpompey