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Only by working together will we really start to see fewer insensitive media articles and stigmatising retail products. There is a growing movement of people that now feel able to stand up and tackle stigma and discrimination whenever they see it, and it’s resulting in action.

The media are doing some great work to shine the spotlight on mental health, encourage people to talk about the issue and recognise how it affects people’s lives. Equally, it’s something many businesses are paying more attention to. However, there are times when media outlets and companies get it wrong, and this is where we need your help.

The Time to Change media team need to look at where we can have the biggest impact, which is why we aren’t always able to get involved in every case, even though we recognise that every case is important.

We’ve already seen leading retailers react and remove products from shelves because people have taken them to task on social media. Individuals speaking out, or joining together to speak out, can often have make the biggest difference in affecting change. So, here's what to do: 

  • Let them know how it affected you. Hearing from current or potential customers about how they are personally affected can be really powerful, and we would encourage you to contact companies directly with your concerns. Companies, agencies and organisations are usually contactable through their website or social media. If you are contacting a media outlet on social media, it is important that you contact the organisation directly rather than an individual journalist to avoid it appearing as a personal attack.
  • Share with other Time to Change supporters. Facebook and Twitter are a great way to do this and can encourage others to support your efforts to raise awareness and tackle stigma. 

In addition to raising a sharing a complaint, it can also be useful to signpost journalists or media outlets to our media reporting guidelines or to our media advisory service if they ever need advice on articles in the future.

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