If we could but feel free to talk about the subject with other people, neighbours, at work, at sports clubs, or out and about generally; if we could talk about it without feeling judged, or worse, thought worthless by others, then we could together help people. – Irene, Time to Change Champion

What do Champions do?

Being a champion is a flexible and voluntary commitment. You can do what you have time for, and what you’re comfortable doing.

There are lots of ways to be a Champion, including:

  1. Having conversations about mental health with the people around you – whether that’s your mum, a mate or the postman – and talking about your experience.
  2. Running a Time to Change activity in a café, train station or in your workplace.
  3. Telling your story online or in the media.
  4. Speaking up when people say stereotypical or damaging things about mental health

Once you’ve signed up, you will have access to our campaign portal and free training for Champions which has lots of ideas and resources to help you get started and find the right activity for you.

“My Champion journey has been an amazing one and it has been incredibly cathartic. I have grown in confidence with each activity we hold.” – Elisse, Time to Change Champion

Why be a champion?

  • As a champion, you will be at the heart of our campaign to change people’s attitudes towards those of us with mental health problems.
  • It’s an opportunity to build skills and experience in areas like public speaking, planning events and using social media.
  • You’ll get the opportunity to meet and campaign alongside like-minded people in your community.

Each region in the UK has a local Time to Change Coordinator who provides free training and support for Champions in speaking out and sharing your story.

If you've still got questions then don't hesitate to email us. We'd also love to share your experiences of and ideas for challenging stigma.

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