UPDATE: Friday 07 December

Circus of Horrors has renamed their show Circus of Horrors: Extreme and changed their publicity material to remove mention of mental health.

We have yet to hear back from them, but believe that this is down to all of the letters and tweets that we have sent over the past weeks. If your local theatre hasn't updated the promotional text on their website yet please email asking them to do so.

Well done!


Circus of Horrors is touring the country with a new show called 'Psycho Asylum'. We find the show’s content and title highly offensive: it implies that people with mental health problems should be feared and locked away, and reinforces outdated assumptions about what psychiatric hospitals are like. 

You can view their website here, but please be aware that you may find it upsetting

We would like you to help us put a stop to it. We’ve already written to the show’s producers on two occasions to outline how damaging their show is. But we still haven’t heard back.

With your help, we want to increase the pressure on Circus of Horrors to remove these harmful stereotypes from their show.

What you can do:

Asylum-themed events like this give credence to false ideas about people with severe mental health problems, like schizophrenia and psychosis, suggesting that they are violent and should be locked away. We believe these events make it harder for people with this sort of mental health problem to open up about it, and make it more likely that they'll be judged if they do.

In reality, people with severe mental health problems are more likely to be victims of violence than to inflict it. The majority of violent crime is committed by people who don't have mental health problems