Mental health problems affect 1 in 4 people every year and no one should feel ashamed. By sharing our experiences, together we can end the stigma.

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So Much More Than A 'One in Four

There's a growing sense of excitement around the entire Time To Change Project. A genuine sense that we really could be seeing the beginnings of what could turn out to be one of the most revolutionary changes in the way in which mental health is perceived within our society! It's exciting, innovative, ambitious, and it's great to be involved with the project! in four = Margaret from Cumbria.

My name is Margaret, and I receive treatment and support from the Mental Health services from where I live. I don't know how everyone else likes to be known, but I have no problem at all calling myself a service user.

As for many years that has always been, and Yeah, lots of times in my past, I lost any dignity I owned and there were times when I felt "drugged up" to my eyeballs, but today is where I am and where I enjoy to be.

Building bridges

Q: What makes a mental health service user different from anyone else?

A: Nothing.

This is the issue I want to address in this blog.

Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before...No Actually Don't‚ Just Tell Someone Else Who Hasn't

Stop me if you've heard this one actually don't. Having a mental illness makes finding work hard. This might sound many things; astounding, sad, ridiculous, perverse, surprising, frightening, unlikely, justifiable, understandable or just blindingly obvious. You might secretly feel something you would not publicly air. It's nothing to be ashamed of, we all have overt or latent prejudices, but it is most certainly something to be aware of and to open your mind about.