celebrities have pledged to end mental health stigma

Make a pledge to end mental health stigma and discrimination

Mel C

Mental health issues are just part of life and people can and do recover to lead full and successful lives. I'm pledging my support to help end mental health prejudice. When will you?


I pledge to help stamp out the stigma!

The Mac Twins

From personal experience, we've learnt to be open about mental health. It's not easy at first, but the moment you do, you feel like a huge weight has been lifted. Mental health is something we all have and it's so important to talk about it, especially if we need some help with it every now and then. It's still such a taboo subject and that's why we're pledging to support Time to Change.

Liz McClarnon

I promise to start the conversation about anxiety!

Herol Graham

I want to encourage people to talk about mental health so that we can remove this shame and secrecy around it. The more open we' re all about it, the more people out there will be able to seek the help and support they need. I waited too long to speak to someone and want to make sure that others don't have the same experience. We should all pledge our support to end mental health discrimination.

Georgia Taylor

I’m pledging to support campaigns such as 'Time to Change' to continue their work towards removing the stigma surrounding mental illness. In order that sufferers can receive help, support and treatment they must feel that mental illness can be discussed openly and without shame and fear of discrimination.

Gok Wan

I'm pledging my support to Time to Change, because it's time we all understood more about mental health problems and how we can support friends and family.

Trisha Goddard

Almost 25 years ago I pledged I'd do the utmost to get rid of the shame surrounding my sister's mental illness. Then 16 years ago I pledged to refuse to be ashamed about my own mental health problems. I continue to pledge to shine bright light into dark corners of ignorance.

Russell Kane

Often the biggest problem people face isn’t actually the mental health problem, it’s the stigma that goes with it; being turned down for jobs, not being taken seriously, being cut off by friends. It's definitely time to change.

Denise Robertson

I am pledging to support the Time to Change campaign because stigma and discrimination can wreck lives, yet everyone can change their attitudes. I know from personal experience that you don’t need to be an expert to make a difference to a friend, family member or colleague with a mental health problem when they need your support.

Danielle Lineker

Whether it’s speaking to a close friend, family member or going to your GP, talking can make a huge difference. Mental health is still such a taboo subject yet it doesn’t have to be. We can all do our part to bring this thing out into the open. It’s time to talk. It’s time to change.

Sarah Jane Crawford

Anyone can suffer from a mental health problem. I want to support organisations, like Time to Change, who are bringing mental health into the limelight so that people can openly discuss it. Not talking about mental health only stigmatises it further.

Gary Lineker

We all have moments when life can feel like a struggle. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, a mental health problem can affect just about anyone. It’s something we shouldn’t be ashamed of and it’s something we all need to be open about. It’s time to talk. It’s time to change.

Denise Welch

I pledge to jump on my soap box and shout about mental health issues as often as I can. You have been warned!!!

Frank Bruno

As a boxer, you can always see the opponent you're fighting. Mental health problems, and people's narrow-mindedness about them, are not so easy to see. That's why I pledge to support Time to Change - to help make this issue visible and something we can all fight together.

Ruby Wax

I'm pledging to talk openly about my mental health issues and to help get people talking about the 'M' word. Mental health problems are so common, it could be anyone. The trouble is no one wants to talk about it.

Reggie Yates

1 in 4 people experience a mental health problem at some point in their lives. It’s something we all need to be aware of. You don’t need to be an expert to make a difference, just be there and listen. I support Time to Change which helps to end stigma that people with a mental health problem face everyday.

Fiona Phillips

I pledge to help end mental health prejudice, because people with mental health problems need love, understanding and support - not to be told to 'pull yourself together.' It's our outdated attitudes that need to snap out of it - any one of us could be affected, so we should all learn more and talk more about mental health.

Trevor Nelson

I would like to pledge my support for ending prejudice and the stigma attached to people with mental health problems. I have met and been friends with many people over the years who, through some trauma in their lives, have never fully recovered and find it difficult to cope. I honestly believe having mental health issues is often misunderstood, that's why I try not to desert these people.

Gary Beadle

Former Eastenders actor Gary is the voice of our new radio ad. He took time out from the recording studio to add his message to the pledge wall - "I pledge to make time to have conversations"

Stephen K Amos

Mental health problems can happen to anyone, at any age, at any time, just like other illnesses.

Denise Van Outen

With more and more people, including celebrities, opening up about mental health, we’re starting to challenge the stigma that surrounds it. There is still a lot of work to be done and we can all play our part.

Grace Woodward

Stigma hurts. This is why I'm pledging to end mental health discrimination and I want to encourage more people to join me. Hopefully one day we can live in a world where people are not judged or misunderstood by an illness, especially one that affects one in four of us. Come on, let's get pledging!

Davina McCall

Talking about mental health could be one of the most important conversations you have.

Dr Ranj Singh

Mental health problems don’t discriminate.  They can affect anyone of any age, gender and background.  We all know someone that has been affected in some way, yet we hesitate to talk about it.  But talking is something that all of of us can do and can really make a big difference.


I have suffered mental health discrimination at work, and I would say it's largely down to ignorance. I fully support the work of the Time to Change campaign.

Dr Radha Modgil

Mental health should be an everyday, ordinary subject - the same as any other physical health condition. By talking we can start changing the way people perceive mental health and remove the silence around one of the last taboos. I pledge to keep talking and challenge attitudes around this common health issue.

Derek Martin

We've got to talk about it. The more you talk about mental health, the more you learn.

Patsy Palmer

When I had a mental health problem, I was frightened to tell people about it, because I thought they might treat me differently or think I couldn't cope. But people with mental health problems shouldn't be treated any differently to anyone else. That's why I'm pledging to help end mental health prejudice.

Michelle Mone

Mental health is a very real issue about which many people are afraid to open up. Talking about it is the first step towards tackling the stigma attached and everyone can help.

Stephen Fry

I want to speak out, to fight the public stigma and to give a clearer picture of mental illness that most people know little about.

Lisa Maxwell

People with mental health problems often feel they have to hide it, for fear of how others might react. However, mental health problems are so common, they shouldn’t be hidden in shame and secrecy. That’s why I’m pledging to support Time to Change, to get this issue out into the open!

Billie Myers

On far too many occasions I have seen the social stigma, public ignorance and political indifference that surrounds depression prove more discriminatory and dangerous than the illness itself. So I pledge, along with everyone else on this wall to support the Time to Change Campaign - let the conversation begin!

Rebecca Front

The more you hide it and the more you bury it deep inside you, the more you start to believe that it's just you - and it isn't jst you.

The Wanted

We're supporting Time to Change, to show we can all make a small change, that will make a big difference.

Lydia Bright

It’s time to get mental health issues out in the open. I pledge to challenge the stigma surrounding mental health and have a conversation with friends and family. Just talking about mental health can make a huge difference to someone.

Frankie Sandford

To do my best to help raise awareness of mental health problems! Can you pledge too?

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