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Date of Pledge: 

About this pledge

At AMG Burton we are fully committed to workplace mental health, ensuring that our staff understand and are aware of where they can access full support should their own health and wellbeing be effected whether that be in their personal lives or working life.

We aim to support our staff with regular communication which will be via our monthly newsletters, regular text messages and also surveys completed via google docs

We are an employer who provides services to clients have mental health concerns and we are also aware that with mental health it is an invisible illness and we want to understand more why those who have difficulties with their own mental health are able to ‘hide’ their concerns.  We want to be able to be approachable and reduce any stigma surrounding mental health.  With recent mental health being brought to the forefront following the suicide of a celebrity this just shows that there are people out there that would be seen to not have any mental health concerns yet really, they are struggling inside.  We want to bridge that gap and be there for our colleagues and employees and extend this to our client base and their families too so there are less repercussions from mental health difficulties.