Date of Pledge: 

About this pledge

Mental Health is a public health issue however, the construction industry is undoubtedly an area where we need to start talking more about mental health to normalise and address it in the same manner as physical health.  We understand that changing attitudes takes time and therefore we will continue to communicate regularly with employees and encourage openness and a caring approach in line with our company values. As a family business we want our employees and their families to be reassured that if they are suffering from anxiety, stress, depression or any other mental health condition the company will support them.

Our pledge is to eliminate stigma and discrimination of mental health through the positive action we have already taken during 2018 and are continuing to take by equipping our entire workforce with the skills necessary to recognise and normalise mental health.  We aim to support our line managers through our’ Engineering Better Mental Health Management’ training to feel comfortable and confident in managing staff in times of need. We aim to reassure all of our staff through our ‘R U OK?’ programme, ‘The ‘S’ Word’ suicide prevention training, mental health initiatives, and communications that we will support individuals who experience mental ill health to remain in work and feel confident to come forward and discuss their health concerns as well as offering them external support through the Employee Assistance Programme.

We do not want anyone working for or with Barhale who is experiencing any kind of mental health issue to suffer in silence.