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About this pledge

At Brewin Dolphin we recognise that health is integral to how we feel both at home and at work and can be impacted by a variety of issues. It’s important that we talk about mental health openly and that we are aware of how these issues can present themselves. In doing this we are more likely to prevent problems and be able to provide the right support at the right time. Our commitment under Time to Change is that we will continue to work hard to create an open culture where people feel they can talk about mental health, feel supported by their colleagues and understand where they can get help if they need it. As part of our wellbeing strategy we have Wellbeing Champions across our offices, who are trained as Mental Health First Aiders. This means we have a team of people within the organisation who are a point of contact for anyone experiencing mental health issues or for someone who is concerned about a colleague. While access to support at the time of need is important, taking proactive steps to maintain good mental health and prevent issues is essential for us all. We understand that mental health is affected by physical and financial wellbeing. For this reason, our wellbeing strategy focuses on all three areas and we are committed to developing accessible education, tools and support that enable our people to reach their full potential.