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Brighton & Hove City Council is proud to support the aims of Time to Change.   We are committed to challenging stigma attached to mental illness and to doing what we can to promote the mental wellbeing of everyone employed by the Council.

The city’s strategy for mental health and wellbeing ( sets out the wider commitments of the Council and Clinical Commissioning Group to improve the mental wellbeing for everyone in the city.  Within this context, our Time to Change action plan for Council employees includes awareness raising events on Time to Talk day 2016, a review of our stress policy and related documents, and counselling and training opportunities for all staff.

At Full Council on Thursday 28 January, Cllr Caroline Penn signed the Time to Change Employer Pledge to show our staff and the public that we will take action to tackle stigma and discrimination around mental health.













Cllr Caroline Penn, lead member for mental health said:

“Despite 1 in 4 of us experiencing a mental problem in any one year, it’s shocking that 9 out of 10 people have experienced some form of stigma or discrimination. This stigma can be isolating and discourage people from seeking help.

Stigma is not only bad for residents, but for the city’s employers too, due to increased staff sickness, lower productivity and increased staff turn-over. 

As a major employer in the city, it’s important that we take steps to improve the wellbeing of our staff. I hope that residents and other employers follow the council’s lead and sign the pledge to challenge mental health stigma”.