Date of Pledge: 

About this pledge

Bristol Rovers Football Club and Bristol Rovers Community Trust are committed to supporting both their staff and fans with understanding more about mental health and associated issues and knowing how to take action to improve their mental health. A healthy workforce is a more productive, unified and happier team and makes us an employer of choice and more trusted by everyone that we come in to contact with.

We want our workplaces and our match days to be a supportive environment where mental health can be openly discussed without fear or prejudice.

Our intention is also to provide awareness  training for our staff and the wider communities with whom we work in order to develop a culture where mental health is better understood and accepted.

We aim to underline our commitment by signing the Time to Change Pledge on Wednesday 5th June 2019. The pledge will be signed by the BRFC Chair and the BRFC Community Trust CEO.

This event will be the start of our journey to our World Mental Health Day activities later in 2019.