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Date of Pledge: 

About this pledge

Good work is beneficial to people’s health and wellbeing and developing a healthy culture will contribute to the new councils continued success. The Council is committed to reducing stigma for those who are affected by stress, depression and poor mental health and want to encourage open discussion about mental health. Through our People Strategy we are committed to providing a fair and inclusive workplace, supporting work life balance and promoting health and wellbeing.

Buckinghamshire council is committed to;

  • Improving the quality of data we have on health and wellbeing and engaging with our workforce to see how we can best support them
  • Providing a range of initiatives, activities and information to support mental health and delivering this virtually during the Covid-19 outbreak
  • Providing our employees with tools to reflect on their mental health in the workplace and support them to stay with the organisation through interventions such as occupational health, on-line resources, access to mental health first aiders and communications.
  • Encouraging people to share their stories, experiences and coping strategies
  • Providing an environment free of discrimination and equal opportunities for all
  • Empowering and resourcing our employees to champion mental health in the workplace through various channels including Time to Change Champions, Mental Health First Aiders, Employee Representatives and getting the best out of these
  • Providing good working conditions and supporting work life balance, providing opportunities for development and which are accessible to all
  • Ensuring our policies support people from a diverse range of backgrounds and allow people to thrive whatever their background
  • Supporting our employees through a variety sources, for example EAP, on-line resources, employee champions, first aiders, HR
  • Giving our managers the tools to support employee wellbeing, manage absence and have difficult conversations.
  • Enabling managers to address individual concerns and  signpost employees through our Coaching for Performance Framework   

During the Covid-19 outbreak we have identified groups within Buckinghamshire who are being exposed to physiological distress because of the work they are doing and who do not have access to the HR Support available to BC employees. These include care providers, GP’s, voluntary sector groups, GP’s and Primary Care staff. We are currently looking at ways to open up some of the interventions we have in place to support the mental health of these groups.