Date of Pledge: 

About this pledge

We are here to make great schools and happier, stronger communities so that people have better lives.  We do this by always doing what is right, trusting in each other and standing shoulder to shoulder, and doing what we know makes a difference.  Doing what is right means always acting with integrity, in the interests of others and being honest, open and transparent.

We recognise that the commitment and care shown by all are staff are fundamental to the success of our students and we promise our staff that they will be supported, encouraged, respected and provided with an enjoyable and rewarding working environment.

We are committed to providing our employees with easy access to a range of support, information and advice to help them achieve and maintain high levels of health and wellbeing.  Employees are encouraged to seek support as and when they need it and we have a range of options available for employees.   We wish to assure our employees that when they face challenges with their health and wellbeing they will be treated with dignity, respect, sensitivity and care.  We aim to create an environment where conversations about mental health are common place and employees feel able to support themselves and each other effectively and safely.