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About this pledge

We serve as a consumer advocate, steward of financial literacy, and champion of economic advancement. As an innovative global company that enables access to credit, we’re part of breakthrough collaborations and innovations that address complex social challenges such as social welfare, community relations and financial education for underprivileged youth.

We establish relationships that create economically healthy communities. We help individuals gain financial independence by increasing access to capital for small businesses. And we provide young adults entering college or university with financial education tools.

Our Corporate value of Live Our Best states:
 • Take initiative to develop ourselves and help others grow
 • Value diversity of experience and thought
 • Proudly show our Equifax spirit at work and in our communities

Our Wellbeing Mission states that:
Together, we will create a supportive, balanced and inclusive culture; encouraging healthy bodies and minds. Leading the way, with innovation and creativity to a stronger brand, a stronger business.

In 2018 we launched #AtYourBest. #AtYourBest means to us:
"A business in which people bring their authentic self to work and feel engaged, recognised, inspired, developed and supported, so they can perform at their best, to help us achieve our purpose of helping people live their financial and professional best"

At Equifax our priority is supporting employees through our three pillars, Mental, Physical and Financial Wellbeing. Equifax have established a Wellbeing Team that is made up of members from our HR function and Mental Health First Aiders. The Wellbeing Team meets on a regular basis to plan activities and workshops that fall into one of the 3 pillars of the Equifax wellbeing programme. Following the implementation of Mental Health First Aiders we have applied an increased focus on the mental health pillar, planning activities and communications across the business built on the themes of formally reconginsied mental health events such as Time to Talk, MentalHealth Awareness Week, World Suicide Prevention Day and World Mental Health Day.

Earlier in 2020 we launched Healthy Living Equifax: Healthy Living Equifax is a new programme for 2020 and part of our wellbeing offering. It is designed to help support people achieve a goal throughout 2020. The support that will be provided will be bespoke to the individuals selected to be part of the programme. Healthy Living Equifax will be a partnership between those selected and the Wellbeing group and therefore will require commitment from both sides to ensure the goal is met.

We have on-going commitment from the HRD and the Executive Management team (through our Exec Sponsors). As an indication of that commitment our budget was