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About this pledge

We enable schools and colleges to build alumni networks through our online portal and in-person support, providing them with the tools and guidance needed to grow and utilise their alumni networks. Access to relatable role models broadens students’ horizons, helping them to imagine a world beyond their own. Having grown up in the same community and sat in the same classrooms former students are ideal volunteers to be suchs role models.

Future First is committed to promoting good mental health in the workplace and supporting the aims of Time to Change. As a charity that works to improve the confidence, motivation and life chances of students, we know that it is equally important to support the wellbeing of our employees. 

Producing and implementing the actions outlined here and embedding these into our organisational culture is the first step towards this goal. We hope that the involvement of Senior Leaders, particularly through the pledge signing activity, will make employees confident in their commitment to putting these plans into action.

Blog: Future First’s Programme Director explains why it’s Time to Change

The role of the Mental Health First Aiders in providing training and resources to make all staff more aware of mental health issues and tackle the stigma around the topic will also be key, and will help to encourage employees to have open conversations about their own mental health in the safe spaces created.

We have outlined a number of support channels, from external organisations and resources to peer-to-peer support and line managers. We will ensure that Line Managers are equipped to have these conversations with employees and are given the resources to support that employee moving forward. Through our evaluation of all the measures put in place, we hope to also have a clearer picture of our employees’ mental health and how well they feel Future First supports their wellbeing.

We are also reviewing the way we work externally to ensure that we are promoting and safeguarding the mental wellbeing of everyone we work with, including students, alumni volunteers and teachers. We have created our own external facing action plan to make the necessary changes in order to do this.