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About this pledge

HMPPS has a shared vision of working together to protect the public and help people lead law abiding and positive lives. HMPPS strategic objectives focus on enabling people to be their best, supporting an open learning culture, expanding and strengthening partnerships and modernising estates and technology.  

As a business, we are wholeheartedly committed to building a culture where our people feel safe to openly discuss their mental health and have access to training & resources to optimise their emotional wellbeing. We have spent a significant amount of time developing our Staff Support Team, a confidential listening and signposting service, to ensure that colleagues can access support when they need it.

The team have undertaken comprehensive training already and will soon also complete Mental Health Allies training to ensure they feel confident to support others with emotional wellbeing issues. We are also making strides with post incident care and empowering our strong network of wellbeing & engagement champions who are fantastic mental health advocates locally. We will continue to strive to do better, to listen to our people and prioritise the wellbeing & staff support agenda.