Date of Pledge: 

About this pledge

In our research, we learnt that 1 in 6 British workers are affected by mental health problems like anxiety, depression and stress every year, but that while 48% of all respondents have experienced poor mental health at their current job, only half of them shared this with their employers, and that 24% did, or would, feel very uncomfortable disclosing poor mental health at work. That is not ok.

People often comment about what a nice place IFIS is to work, how nice everyone is and that is a wonderful thing. But providing a pleasant workplace and being a nice colleague only goes so far. We want to ensure that IFIS is not one of those places where people feel uncomfortable telling their manager about poor mental health or even unable to disclose it completely.

We are committed to making mental health part of the conversation and culture of IFIS, promoting a culture where employees feel… ​

·        that they understand and are aware of mental health and wellbeing​

·        able to speak openly about mental health​

·        and that their mental health is supported ​

·        with the company supporting them​

·        and where we all support each other.

We are taking a multi-pronged approach to support and protect mental health and wellbeing at IFIS. This comprises:​

  • Building mental health literacy – to proactively build understanding and awareness so that someone can recognise when they might themselves be struggling with poor mental health, when a colleague is, and take steps
  • Tackling work-related causes of mental ill health by upskilling managers and encouraging two-way communication about workload and wellbeing
  • Monitoring and promoting wellbeing through taking stock of how people are feeling (both formally and informally) and promoting a healthy work-life balance
  • Providing targeted support for those struggling with mental ill health
  • And to listen, learn and develop on an ongoing basis.

We are committed to reducing stigma around mental health and to making sure IFIS is a safe, supportive and open environment. We are working to make mental health and wellbeing part of the company culture, in which people proactively think about, talk openly, and work together to achieve it, and to reducing stigma in the workplace. We want to make that commitment publicly.