Date of Pledge: 

About this pledge

The factory site has 400 employees – the majority of these are shift workers in the food production area. Approximately 100 are office based support services. The UK office headquarters are based at Media City and there are approximately 1000 employees based from there although some of these are home based or in Field sales who work around the UK.

Kellogg Manchester is proud to be in full support of Time to Change.  We are committed to continue to challenge stigma around mental illness.  We continue to work to promote the mental health and wellbeing of everyone who is employed by Kellogg Manchester and consider that we have worked hard to put policy and procedures in place to enable and support all our employees to bring their best self’s to work.

We have put strategies and plans in place to enable employees to be open about any poor mental health they may experience without fear of stigma or discrimination.

We will continue to support those with poor mental health and continue to work towards the ultimate goal that all employees will feel comfortable to report and discuss any decline in their mental health. We continue to review and monitor where we are on this journey.

With all the Wellbeing support groups we will continue to plan events and raise awareness via health promotion activities and training sessions.    

Corinne McParland, Specialist OH Nurse