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Date of Pledge: 

About this pledge

At The National Archives we are committed to offering support at work for all of our employees, including those that suffer with mental health problems.

We are committed to raising awareness for managers and other staff so they are able to spot the signs of a colleague suffering with poor mental health and make the appropriate steps to support that person, with the intention of catching it early before it worsens. 

We want all of our staff to feel they can ask us as their employer for help if they need it, and for them to feel they have been educated in how to deal with a mental health issue that they are experiencing.  

We want all staff to feel confident that they would know what to do if they had concerns about a colleague suffering with a mental health issue.

We know that often, mental health problems are treated as a taboo subject, something not to be talked about, to be ashamed of, or kept to yourself, which is why we actively encourage people to seek help and support with their mental health issues in many ways, such as:

  • Having a team of Mental health first aiders on hand to support all staff
  • Providing an Employee Assistance Programme for staff to seek support such as counselling, free of charge
  • Allowing flexible working whenever possible for staff to have a good work life balance
  • Providing social and community activities for staff to get involved in
  • Having a Wellbeing Team to run events across the year for particular awareness days including Time to Talk and World Mental Health Day
  • Training staff and managers on mental health awareness
  • Making reasonable adjustments for staff to support them with their mental health wherever possible
  • Encouraging an open environment to talk about mental health concerns
  • Having regular contact from our senior management team and consultation on changes – including “Catch up with the Exec” quarterly sessions, Staff Forum, Staff Survey and Chat forums on our intranet 
  • Encouraging inclusivity with forums, events, groups and awareness days
  • Providing an onsite gym, restaurant and heavily discounted yoga, Pilates and meditation classes

We believe we already do a lot to support staff with mental health issues, but there is always room for improvement and room to do more, which is why we want to sign the pledge and get involved with the Time to Change initiative, to keep learning and challenging ourselves and end mental health discrimination.