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Date of Pledge: 

About this pledge

We are formed of 83 member GP practices and we are responsible for buying health services for 800,888 people across Herefordshire and Worcestershire. Specifically, this means we are responsible for:

•    Planning health services, based on assessing local needs
•    Paying for services that meet the needs of our patients (also known as ‘commissioning’)
•    Monitoring the quality of the services and care provided to our patients.  


The CCG’s vision for the population of Herefordshire and Worcestershire is that, through an integrated care model:

‘Local people will live well in a supportive community with joined up care, underpinned by specialist expertise and delivered in the best place by the most appropriate people’.

We developed this vision in collaboration with our local partners, meaning that it is central not only to what we do, but also to all other health and care organisations across Herefordshire and Worcestershire. It focuses us all on a shift towards more joined up, preventative and anticipatory care, with integration across health and social care providers providing seamless pathways across organisational boundaries.

This vision for the CCG is relevant to the workforce as we seek to be a supportive community of employees that are cared for at work and supported to be the best employees they can be. To do this the CCG fully recognises that staff wellbeing and mental health are essential factors that contribute towards a high performing, productive and satisfied workforce.

The NHSHWCCG is a new organisation of combined previously separate bodies and whilst these have been working closely together there is much to achieve in terms of setting the strategic direction for a number of activities including mental health and the CCG will be taking the opportunity to refresh and revise its offer for health and well-being across the organisation including mental health and will be seeking to develop and implement detailed plans for workplace mental health building on the work that the SWCCG has succeeded in since implementing TTC.

We know that there is a stigma and lack of understanding about mental health generally and in the organisation we need to increase awareness of mental health across all sections of the workforce to help colleagues to feel they can speak up. 

We believe we are making progress but we are not complacent and the new organisation presents an opportunity to create a more open and inclusive culture. 

We will focus more attention on Managers’ development so they can feel confident and competent to have conversations with staff about sensitive issues like mental health and signpost to specialist sources of support if necessary. 

We will access the best practice knowledge and guidance on this matter and constantly look for new ways to improve our offer to our employees and ensure that everyone that needs support at work can feel comfortable to ask for it and will receive the support that they need.