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Date of Pledge: 

About this pledge

We are committed to reducing stigma, discrimination and changing attitudes towards mental ill-health. Ultimately mental health underlies how we think, feel, and behave, this can influence both individual and organisational outcomes.

West Essex Clinical Commissioning Group wants to create a workplace that supports and values staff by creating a safe and positive environment where staff feel comfortable and supported in speaking out about mental health issues, line managers are equipped to hold conversations about mental health, and support is offered.

West Essex CCG wants their organisation, employees and managers to make a commitment to creating a mentally healthy workplace through the Time to Change Pledge.

We understand that to fully embed a culture means making sure all the different aspects of our organisation reflect this commitment.

As part of the action plan we will:

  • Have an all staff briefing event in which senior members of the organisation will be signing the pledge
  • Recruit existing staff to become employee champions to deliver awareness raising and activities
  • Signpost to available support¬† via the employee champions, the website and staff lunch room
  • Ensure mental wellbeing is referenced throughout and at the heart of each policy
  • Promote open conversations about mental ill health by employees sharing their own experiences of mental health issues
  • Produce communication campaigns and promote through our intranet and staff newsletter