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About this pledge

Penningtons Manches Cooper LLP is committed to maintaining a healthy workplace, where our people can be themselves and feel and perform at their best. This means being proactive in empowering our people to prioritise their mental health and wellbeing, and support those around them in doing the same.

Mental health is an issue that touches everyone in the firm.  Awareness is growing across the firm that mental health needs to be on a parity with physical health. This requires a culture change across the firm, and our action plan reflects this ambition. Our mental health ambitions straddle both our inclusion and wellbeing programmes, with commitment from Management Board right down through the business to drive the kind of change we need.

By signing the Time to Change pledge, Penningtons Manches Cooper makes a public commitment to end stigma and the culture of silence around mental health at work; to build an inclusive culture that enables our people to thrive; and to better support colleagues with mental ill health to help them get back to their best.