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About this pledge

We want to help improve attitudes and behaviour towards mental health in the workplace. We will do this by providing training and guidance to ensure our managers have the skills they need to manage anyone with mental health issues.  In addition to this, we will provide support and training for all staff to promote good mental health. The first training will help people to spot the signs of mental illness and promote wellbeing.

Our commitment will be made clear to our employees right from the recruitment stage, we will include details of our commitment in our recruitment packs and display the MIND Time to Change logo on our website so potential new employees will know we are fully supportive of employing people with mental health issues.

Details of our commitment will be embedded into our policies and there will be a dedicated area on our intranet hub for people to find help and information about mental health. We will also display posters around the building and encourage people to talk to colleagues about their mental health. We will publish regular blogs, of personal experiences from our employees to help normalise mental health and encourage conversations.

Through regular one to ones, staff surveys and sickness levels we will be able to measure the success of this plan.

We will recruit several internal champions who will assist with running internal mental health awareness events and manage our fundraising activities.  These champions will also ensure we are completing everything on this action plan as a minimum.

We will ensure that anyone suffering with their mental health can still have the career they dream of, we will support and assist however we can to make this possible.

Phoenix is truly committed to removing the stigma that is often associated with mental health, and this is fully supported from the most senior members of the organisation down to the most junior members.