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About this pledge

Reflex is proud to put together a mental health support package to demonstrate our commitment to combating the stigma surrounding common workplace mental health issues. It is extremely important to me personally and for Reflex as a company.

I feel that every person going through such challenging times needs to feel they have a shoulder to lean on. Yes, they may have that in a spouse, family member or friend but knowing your workplace offers it to can very much takes that strain off of someone’s suffering. 

When someone suffers with mental health getting up out of bed can be one of hardest things to accomplish so to offer an employee support and help during these tough times can be comforting and fulfilling.

Over the next 12 months we ensure that all first aider courses and courses offered by mind will be completed as well as putting all of the above into place to show an active and working mental package for all of its current and future employees.