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About this pledge

Our people create our unique point of difference. We are proud to have proven industry leading individuals throughout our business and with expertise engrained throughout, we pride ourselves on exceeding expectations by providing a hub of knowledge and insights with proactive and flexible solutions tailored to meet the individual needs of our customers.

Sigma aims to ensure mental health of our colleagues is respected, protected and improved in their work. Sigma’s strategy is to create a culture, in which colleagues who experience mental health difficulties can feel able to disclose these without fear of stigma and can be provided with all reasonable support to successfully cope with their work.

Our pledge includes a collaborative set of initiatives, events, programmes and engagement sessions to raise awareness in order to positively challenge stigmas, myths and break through barriers which would otherwise negatively affect the well-being of our colleagues. Our people are our lifeblood and without them we are nothing.

We are committed to providing a positive culture in which they can thrive and not be under the fear of recrimination or feeling they have no support network. We are committed to promoting greater understanding of mental health and wellbeing. Our core values focus on Passionate Go Getters, Resourceful and Resilient, Inclusive, Dedicated Expertise, Excel Together.

Time to Change embodies these core values and we make this pledge with PRIDE.