Date of Pledge: 

About this pledge

Southbank Centre is committed to inspiring open conversations about mental health and well-being, and tackling mental health stigma in the workplace and beyond. Using our platform as the largest multi-arts venues in Europe, in February 2016 we are creating a space where our audiences can explore the human condition of mental challenge without shame or fear, at our Changing Minds festival.

We see this pledge as a way of reinforcing this commitment to our staff, by reflecting on the support we already offer, identifying areas where we could do more and raising awareness among staff about the support available. The Southbank Centre Time to Change Pledge is our commitment to, among other things:

●    Increasing awareness about the range of support we already offer to all employees
●    Equip line managers with the knowledge to be able to support and discuss mental health with their colleagues.
●    Encourage and inspire those with lived experiences to have a forum to discuss these with their colleagues.

Ultimately we aim to create an environment where staff feel comfortable discussing their mental health, knowing without a doubt that the Southbank Centre is an inclusive workplace where they will be fully supported.