Date of Pledge: 

About this pledge

We promote honest engagement and mutual understanding amongst people of all types of religious belief and worldviews. Our focus is on ensuring people build relationships of trust so that they can cooperate together for the good of all. 

We are a small charity with around a dozen staff and a network of over fifty volunteers who help us in the delivery of our work. We are fully committed to ensuring that all those who work with us are as physically and mentally fit as they can be.

We recognise that for some of those who we work with, questions of mental ill health involve complex issues that are related to different cultures and worldviews.

We do not presume to tell anyone how to live but where appropriate we will offer respectful challenge, support and guidance to ensure that everyone can flourish.

As an employer, we will ensure all paid employees have access to appropriate support and guidance.

We will encourage our volunteers to attend an annual “time to talk” event, where we raise issues of mental health and wellbeing and signpost them towards appropriate support services.