Date of Pledge: 

About this pledge

Recognising that we all have mental health and that it can change at various points in our life is the key to our action plan within Tesco. By acknowledging this and building our action plan around it, we aim to make mental health awareness part of the DNA of Tesco, destigmatising mental health issues, encouraging conversation about mental health and enabling colleagues to take a proactive approach in looking after their mental wellbeing.

Our approach has four elements:
•    Helping colleagues with mental health issues, by offering information, support and signposting further help when they need it
•    Supporting managers and HR managers when they’re assisting those colleagues, by offering clear guidelines, support and advice
•    Promoting positive mental wellbeing in everyone, by offering information and advice on how to proactively manage your mental wellbeing, and by encouraging a culture that promotes it
•    Supporting colleagues in helping customers who might have mental health problems, by helping them feel more confident about starting the conversation

We recognise that this is just the start of our journey, and that as the needs of our colleagues and customers change, so our action plan must adapt. But by keeping the dialogue on mental health going, we’ll be in a great position to respond.