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About this pledge

Tin Man is a small company and therefore a tight knit team but as we grow, we want to ensure that we have the processes in place to support our staff – whether that’s professional development or personal. We strive to ensure our ‘comms with heart’ ethos pumps through the arteries of our business by developing both our people and our diversity and wellness programmes, and this is a key factor in the next stage of the company’s growth. Our ongoing diversity programme encourages varied young talent into the industry, and we are committed to kicking off our mental health in the workplace programme with this Time to Change pledge. We have plans in place to support the signing of the pledge, training sessions for all levels and budget set aside to support this for 2020 and the years ahead.  We are also excited to be planning an industry wide event with the launch of our monthly Heart to Heart programme: an informal and respectful forum where anyone from the communications industry can come together to share wellbeing challenges, experiences and strategies.

As a small company that is only six years old, and which started with four people, we’ve come a long way to now boast a staff of 29. The people have always been at the centre of what we do, and we are committed to ensuring that our staff have fulfilling and happy careers with clear support, structure and development opportunities.  A recent survey from PRWeek stated that 64.7% of respondents said they had suffered from or been diagnosed with mental ill-health – up from 60% in last year’s survey - and 47.3% said they felt under more stress this year than in the last 12 months. We know this industry can sometimes have its stressful moments and that, on average, one in six workers are dealing with anxiety, depression or stress, so we want to ensure we have everything in place to support any current or future employees with any mental health issues they may face.