Please make sure that any activities you organise are in line with local and national guidelines around COVID-19. 

1. Online activities 

Mental Health Fun and Facts Online Event 

Organised by Champion Ridhima

Champion Ridhima organised an online event featuring everything from yoga to Bollywood dancing and conversations about mental health.

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Online festival

Organised by Champion Mark

Champion Mark and his fellow East Essex Champions organised an online festival for World Mental Health Day.

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2. Public & outdoor activities 

Pledge wall 

This activity idea lets you take a physical pledge wall into your community, where people can pledge to end mental health stigma.

How to organise a pledge wall >

Street party 

Organised by Champion Deborah

This case study will help you plan a street party to challenge attitudes towards mental health 

How Deborah organised her street party >

Time to Change Bucks' football match campaign

Time to Change Buckinghamshire Hub was the featured charity sponsor at the Wycombe Wanderers vs Burton Albion football match at Wycombe Wanderers Club in December. With up 5,000 people attending this was a great opportunity to  get people talking about mental health and to tackle stigma. 

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Adam's In Your Corner activity

Organised by Champion Adam

Inspired by the In Your Corner campaign, Adam got used two stools to start conversations about mental health. 

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Black dog activity 

Organised by Champion Elisse

Using a real black dog, Elisse discovered she could start conversations about depression. 

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3. Indoor activities for smaller groups 

Arts and crafts activity

Art and craft activities are a great way to start conversations. People often love to get involved in making things and you can bring your experience of mental health problems in while you’re having fun together.

How to organise an arts & crafts activity >

Coffee morning

Everyone enjoys getting together over a cup of coffee, so it's a great way to start conversations about mental health. 

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Sussed conversation game 

Our Sussed conversation game is a great way to start conversations in a group. You can download and print the cards or play off your phone. 

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Mental health myth buster quiz

This is a brief activity to get a group of people thinking about various aspects of mental health. 

How to run a myth buster quiz >

Conversation cards

Use conversation cards to start conversations and introduce discussion about mental health. 

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