Art and craft activities are a great way to start conversations. People often love to get involved in making things and you can bring your experience of mental health problems in while you’re having fun together.

Activities you could try

  • Draw what makes you happy – people can draw or write down anything that makes them happy. The pages are pinned to a board or pegged to string to attract other people to have a look. You can then use your personal experiences to talk more generally about mental health, when it is both good and bad.
  • Mindfulness salt art – rolling pastel chalks across cheap table salt creates wonderful colours and can be put into a small jar, with layers of colours on top of each other. The process of creating something colourful and attractive whilst using your hands can help you to talk about mindfulness, bringing mental health into the conversation.  
  • Bracelet making – using beads and thread, you could encourage people to make bracelets for someone they care about. Some Champions have used beads with letters to spell out names and talking about the importance of being there for others.

Planning and preparing your activity

Where will you do it?

Almost anywhere, as long as you have a table and some chairs and people are passing by. If there is a larger event where lots of organisations have stalls, your activity could stand out as something creative and interactive.

Number of Champions 

An activity based around art and craft can be done with a minimum of two people but it’s always good to remember that the more conversations the better! If you work on the basis of having 2-3 Champions for each 4-5 members of the public you will engage at any given time, you can work out the ideal number of volunteers based on the size of your space and the expected number of visitors.

Promoting your activity

None needed - it's better to reach people who aren't interested in mental health to do social contact.


This depends on the activity you would like to do e.g. Mindfulness salt art could be around £10 and bracelet making around £20.

Materials you may need

A table, some chairs and materials for your event.

On the day

It might be simply preparing a few examples from your chosen activity, as this is likely to grab people’s attention and make them feel comfortable.

Set up in plenty of time so that you can make a start on producing some work – your own creativity and conversations will be a great way of ensuring that people join in quickly once the event is up and running.