Type: group activity 

Duration: 10-15 minutes

This is a great activity to include at the beginning or end of an event or get together, as a quick and effective way of challenging the preconceptions we hold about mental health and providing a simple opportunity to expand peoples level of mental health awareness.

You can print off the Myth Buster flashcards from the Time to Change website to use as a prop. The flashcards feature the myth/fact on one side of the card and an explanation on the reverse for the quiz master. Alternatively, you can print off the last page only, which features all the questions alongside their appropriate explanations.

Take each fact or myth in turn and ask the quiz participants whether they believe it is a myth or a fact. Provide the correct answer one by one, providing the associated explanation. Even if everyone knows (or guesses) the correct answer, be sure to run through the explanation – these provide facts that support the correct answer and provide the learning opportunity for people.