This activity idea lets you take a physical pledge wall into your community, where people can pledge to end mental health stigma.

A Time to Change pledge wall is a low-cost activity that is a great way of starting conversations. Members of the public can write their own pledges, creating a wall of support for ending mental health stigma!

Planning and preparing your activity

Where will you do it?

Almost anywhere. You could do this in a public space like a shopping centre, at work or in a place of education. If you have somewhere to display the pledges (a board, wall etc.), this can attract others to join in.

Promoting your activity

People are attracted by the display so there is no need to advertise in advance.


This depends on how elaborate you would like to make the activity - at its most basic it could cost around £10 for printing and blu tack or pins to put the cards up.

One cost-saving tip is to laminate the pledge cards – it takes a little more time and money to start with but if you do more than one event, you can get people to use whiteboard markers so the cards can be wiped clean and used again!

Materials you may need

The main cost is printing the pledge cards in A3 or A4 and blu tack or pins to fasten them to the wall. You will also need pens or markers.  Some Champions have used a glue stick and glitter so people can be creative in decorating their pledges but this is optional.

If you have a higher budget you could take photos with a polaroid camera or use a printer on site (electricity supply required). You could also encourage people to take selfies on their phone and share on social media using the hashtag #TimetoTalk

You'll also have to make sure you find a wall or board that you can attach the pledges to and permission to put them up on the wall if it is owned by someone else.

On the day

Talk to people and tell them what you’re doing. Ask them if they would like to write a few words that might challenge mental health stigma. Tell them they will be adding to the thousands of pledges made by other people from all round the country.

There will be people who don’t want to make a pledge but encourage them to read some of the existing ones and, if they do, start a conversation!