A small conversation about mental health has the power to make a big difference, and our Sussed: Time to Talk cards are a great way to break the ice.

We have four special edition cards you can download from our website - we have a printable version and a version you can use online or on your mobile. You can use them in person or online over a video call.

Keep reading for ideas and tips on how to use the cards to get your friends, family and colleagues talking about mental health. 

How to play Sussed

  • One player picks a card and reads out a scenario
  • Everyone else tries to figure out how the reader would most likely respond
  • The reader reveals the correct answer and everyone chats about who chose what and why

Spark a one-on-one conversation

Some people can find it awkward to talk about mental health. This can make getting the conversation going a little tricky. Why not start with a game of Sussed: Time to Talk as an icebreaker? 

By starting the conversation with some odd and amusing scenarios, Sussed: Time to Talk cards can help to get everyone a little more comfortable.

Get a group talking

Lots of people still think that mental health problems aren’t relevant to them. This could make them feel unsure of how to join in the conversation.

Our Sussed: Time to Talk cards are a way to get everyone involved in an inclusive and open conversation.