Use these tried and tested sessions, activities, toolkits, training programmes and films with students and staff, to help this generation become more open about mental health than any before.

Lessons & Assemblies 

1. What is mental health?

This assembly highlights that we all have mental health and provides a brief introduction to what mental health problems are.

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2. Mental health and me

This assembly helps get students thinking about the ways they can look after their own mental health.

Download session (ppt, 5MB)

3. What is mental health stigma?

This assembly features a young person sharing their story and explores the impact of mental health stigma on young people.

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4. In Your Corner

This assembly gives students 5 different ideas about how to be there for someone going through a difficult time.

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5. Ask Twice

This assembly gives students ideas about how to ask someone how they are doing and reminds us to take time to listen.

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Short activities

1. Mental health spectrum 

This exercise uses case studies to help your students understand the difference between good wellbeing and poor wellbeing. 

Download activity (doc, 300KB)

2. Quiz

This is an interactive activity to deliver with your young people. The quiz helps young people learn about common mental health problems.  

Download activity (ppt, 2MB)

3. True or False 

A simple exercise to challenge myths and preconceptions.  

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Guides & toolkits

Training for teachers & youth professionals  

These training slides are designed to equip you with the knowledge and resources to deliver anti-stigma activity directly with young people. Topics included: 

  • Facts and figures about mental health problems 
  • Understanding the Mental Health Continuum 
  • Focus on common mental health issues affecting young people 
  • Understanding the impact of stigma and discrimination on young people 
  • Action planning; how to take this forward in your setting  

Download the training: 


Hearing directly from people with personal experience of mental health problems is one of the best ways to improve attitudes and behaviours. In these films, Time to Change Young Champions speak about their experiences of mental health problems and the reactions they experienced from those around them.

You can show these films to students in conjunction with any of the sessions plans and educational materials on this page.  

Resources for parents

Want to reach out to parents in your community to encourage them to talk about mental health with their children? Share this film and leaflet to help start conversations.