East of England


Through Time to Change Essex, you can make an impact by:

  • Having conversations about mental health with the people around you – whether that’s your mum, a mate or the postman – and talking about your experience.
  • Running a Time to Change activity in a café, train station or in your workplace.
  • Telling your story online or in the media.
  • Speaking up when people say stereotypical or damaging things about mental health.

Being a champion is a flexible and voluntary commitment. You can do what you have time for, and what you’re comfortable doing.

To find out how to get involved with the Hub, email timetochange@mindinwestessex.org.uk 

East Midlands 


We are aiming to improve the attitudes surrounding mental health across Northamptonshire. The campaign is led by Time to Change Champions - individuals with lived-experience of mental health who are passionate about using their experiences and their voice to reduce the stigma and discrimination, whether this is attending public facing events to start these discussions or even making a point to start conversations with friends, family or peers about mental health. What's great about the campaign is that our Champions have a variety of skill sets, whether this is social media skills, writing poetry, running events and many, many more, which means we can reach a range demographics and be really creative with the campaign!

Obviously during the current crisis it's more important than ever for us to be open and honest about our mental health, a lot of people are experiencing similar feelings and having those conversations can truly prevent our mental health from worsening. As we are unable to attend or arrange any events at the moment, we are running our campaign virtually.

We are always looking to recruit more Champions, there are no commitments by signing up, you can offer as much or as little of your time as you are able to. If you are interested in becoming a Champion or would like to discuss the campaign further and how you can become involved, please let us know and we can start the process

Please contact either Steph or Kizzy ( Hub – Coordinators) if you wish to be involved with the campaign.

Contact details:

Steph Orr – steph@ketteringmind.org.uk

Kizzy Minter – kizzym@teamworktrust.co.uk or 07399372943



In Greenwich people with experience of mental health issues are coming together to change attitudes and understanding around mental health. Time to Champions in Greenwich are supported to lead the anti-stigma projects and activities that are meaningful to them; in recent years this has included an engagement event at an IKEA store and the development of a Champion video titled "Mental Health in Pictures - in conversations with my tribe." By working as a Time to Change Champion you can help lead the way in tackling stigma and discrimination across the borough. A range of local partners including the Royal Borough of Greenwich and local mental health and community organisations are committed to supporting this work. Please get in touch with us if you are interested in finding out more about Time to Change Greenwich.

Email us at timetochange@royalgreenwich.gov.uk


Partners in Time to Change Islington include Islington Council (Host), Manor Gardens Welfare Trust, IBUG – Islington Borough User Group, HNG Stress Project, The Peel Institute, Eagle Recovery Project, Stuart Low Trust, Islington Met Police, Cllr Nurullah Turan - Executive Member for Health and Wellbeing and Cllr Graham – Bunhill Ward. The partnership is also supported by Jeremy Corbyn, MP for Islington North, Cllr Jason Jackson – Holloway Ward, and we work closely with other local organisations and businesses.

Since launching in April 2019 we have held over 75 events and activities across the partnership with over 1800 interactions. These have included:

  • Festivals, parties, picnics, nature walks and exercise classes
  • Sound meditation with COS Kings Cross
  • Outreach in workplaces, high streets, and on social media
  • Online events and workshops with speakers sharing their experiences and inspiring ideas
  • Wellbeing sessions and drop ins in voluntary and community organisations

Our Community Champions group is open to anyone who lives, works or studies in Islington or neighbouring boroughs. If you’d like to join please email ttcIslington@Islington.gov.uk


Time to Change Kingston has been in existence for 3 years, during which time both champions and partners challenged stigma and discrimination in mental health through events such as the Living Library, Big Boys Don’t Cry (men’s mental health), Mental Health Tips card for the local Korean Community, the Kingston Zine Tamil Workshops and Time to Talk Day stalls. We have a dedicated group of Champions and supporters (including people who are not champions or who have no lived experience) who meet monthly, and who lead the activities for the local hub. To sign up, you can join our mailing list.

Waltham Forest

Send an email to ttcwfhub@gmail.com and Jon Salmon will get in touch about how to get involved as a Champion Alternatively contact the Coordinator – Chris O’Sullivan at chris.osullivan@crestwf.org.uk or by telephone on 07919 520422

The work of the Waltham Forest Hub includes:

  • Hub work includes funding for activities/events that help challenge stigma and discrimination in mental health
  • Social contact and personal boundaries on-line training
  • Support for Champions to become peer support workers and deliver workshops members of the Social Prescribing team can refer clients to
  • Opportunities to get involved in the development of a new WFTTC Website
  • Being part of the WF TTC Steering Group
  • Being part of the WF TTC Champions Action group where Champions can get involved in an activity of their own or support others to develop and deliver their event

North East

County Durham

The Durham Time To Change Hub (TTC) has been working in conjunction with Stamp It Out (SIO) to develop the work of the National TTC Campaign within County Durham. The Stamp It Out Group (made up of a partnership of local organisations) became a charity in December 2018 in order to support sustainability of the anti-stigma work within our local area with SIO becoming the Hub host at the end of 2020.

There are many opportunities for people with lived experience to get involved in the work of the County Durham Hub. For more information contact chris.affleck@investinginchildren.net or kray.stampitout@gmail.com, call 0191 3077030 or check out the Stamp It Out social media:

Facebook: @StampItOutinCountyDurham

Twitter: @_StampOutStigma

Instagram: @stampitout_codurham

Time to Change Sunderland

Washington Mind, The Life House, Grasmere Terrace, Columbia, Washington, NE38 7LP

Email: info@washingtonmind.org.uk telephone 0191 4178043

The Sunderland Hub are still continuing the work to change how people think and act about mental health problems.

To help us with our work champions can still continue to work with the hub and have access to training/events and new champions can still sign up via the Sunderland hub by contacting us on the above details.

North West


Time to Change Halton is a local hub, set up in partnership by Halton Borough Council, Mind Halton and many other local organisations. Together with local Time to Change champions with lived experience of mental health problems we aim to tackle mental health stigma in local middle aged men. The aim is to change how people think and act about mental health problems and in doing so reducing mental health stigma.

The decision to tackle mental health stigma in middle aged men in Halton was informed by local suicide audits which highlighted 75% of local suicides are male and recent research by Time to Change demonstrating only 34% of men would talk openly about their mental health. Too many people with mental health problems are made to feel isolated, ashamed and worthless. Attitudes stop people getting the help and support they need. Without support from those around them, individuals can lose what they care about most; their job, family, friends, home and in the most extreme circumstances their life.

Contact details: vicki@mindhalton.org.uk

South East 


Time to Change Bucks is the local anti-stigma campaign for Buckinghamshire. At the heart of our campaign are our volunteers, called Champions, who have lived experience of mental health illness and often have also experienced stigma and discrimination. They use their voices and stories to help change stigmatising attitudes with the aim for all people with mental health problems to be treated with respect and kindness. Our Champions get involved in many different ways. Some organise events in their communities, others share their stories and we also have Champions who help our Hub Coordinator to communicate with our community.

If you would like more information on becoming a Champion or supporting our campaign please contact Isobel Shea on champions@bucksmind.org.uk


We campaign to challenge mental health stigma and discrimination across the Medway area, and encourage everyone to check in on the mental health of those around them. People with lived experience can join us at events, join our online group, or just find out more about how to speak to other around them about their mental health.

Contact us by email: ttcmedwaychampions@porchlight.org.uk

Time to Change Surrey

In first instance contact Megan Aspel – project director: megan.aspel@sky.com

Twitter: @TTCSurrey

Commissioned by Surrey County Council, Time to Change Surrey follows the principles and objectives of the national campaign. We aim to reach out the population of Surrey – workplace/education/communities and generally – with a programme of drama-based and Lived Experience Champions’ (LEC) interventions.

We welcome involvement from individuals, local authorities, businesses and young adults groups and education establishments – as recipients of our drama-based mental health awareness raising training, a personal development programme for people with direct or indirect experience of living with mental health issues or to join our growing network of mental health champions – those with lived experience and those people who care about mental wellbeing in their workplace, place of education, community and social circles.

South West


Working in the Bath and North East Area to reduce social isolation and provide support and advice to those experiencing mental health problems. People with lived experience can share their experiences and any interests and skills with our wellbeing groups, providing they feel ready to. We are exploring inter-generational peer-support in which clients share their experiences with younger clients to encourage participation with Bath Mind services.

Contact us at Outreach2@bathmind.org.uk or visit our website


We support people with lived experience toward their goals. Campaigning to reduce stigma around mental health is one of our aims, and we have new groups starting this year, please get in touch if you are interested in getting involved.

Contact us at bristolservices@rethink.org

Southampton & Portsmouth

We are creating Ambassador opportunities for local people to represent Solent Mind at events, or support us with campaigning work. We want to enable people to campaign and be heard on the mental health topics that are most important to them, including breaking down stigma. For more information contact our Communications team at communications@solentmind.org.uk

West Midlands 


We are always looking for volunteers/Champions to support us at events or with look at ways in which we can supporting your events. This can be in person so long as they’re within social distance guidelines or virtual, zoom, YouTube etc. Our aim is to stop Mental Health stigma and discrimination.

To get involved, email info@birminghammind.org. 

Cannock Chase

We have a steering group networking meeting on the 1st Monday of every calendar month.

We have champion mental health campaign network meeting the 1st Wednesday of every calendar month at 7.30pm

Meetings are at Hednesford Park Pavilion, Hednesford Park, Rugeley Road, Hednesford, WS12 1TB

Contact lynnevans@cannockchasedc.gov.uk or call 07896 239717 for more information. 


We're a partnership of organisations and individuals with a vision to make Worcestershire a community which values and supports people on their journey to positive mental health. By coming together, we can improve attitudes and work to overcome mental health stigma and discrimination.

We welcome people with or without lived experience who would like to get involved in our friendly and active Champion campaign groups or run their own Time to Change activities in their local community or workplace. To find out more, visit our website or email us at timetochangeworcestershire@comfirst.org.uk  

Yorkshire & the Humber


We want the population of Kirklees to feel able to discuss their wellbeing openly and to effectively challenge the stereotypes and misconceptions around mental health. Through this we believe people can understand how their mental health can be affected (both positively and negatively) and be able to support others in a non-judgemental way. Our new project is aimed at helping communities in Kirklees to work to normalise conversations about our mental health and we hope to embed this openness to discussion in communities by co-producing approaches that work for and are appropriate to the needs of every community in Kirklees.

We chose a new name for a fresh start - Anti Stigma Kirklees (ASK). ASK developed to take anti-stigma and discrimination campaigning to different areas and communities in Kirklees. We also planned to work with the Kirklees TTC Hub in partnership and provide additional opportunities and support to the Hub Champions. With the end of Time to Change national – and the knowledge that the brand name has a limited shelf life, the decision was taken by the remaining TTC Hub champions to make the Kirklees Hub part of Anti Stigma Kirklees from today. There is still a lot of work to be done to combat stigma and discrimination. We look forward to continuing to work with all the remaining Hubs and Champions – both locally and nationally, as before.

Want to know more? Just ASK!




Time to Change York is group of York residents, employers, and employees coming together to share, as much or as little of, our mental health experiences through a variety of means to help end mental health stigma and discrimination in York. Our work includes projects on stigmatising language, the use of creativity (poetry, video, photography, blogs, art), radio interviews, and so much more, to change attitudes and beliefs towards people with experience of mental illness.

What can you do?

  • Like and share our social media to show your support: 
  • Become a Time to Change York Community Champion: share your lived experience of mental health (openly or anonymously) in any way you choose - our Coordinator, Emma, our steering group, and our Champions group will support you to do this.
  • Join our employers’ group: during 2021 we are focusing our efforts on ending mental health stigma and discrimination in our workplaces. We are looking for everyone (CEO’s, line managers, staff, retirees, HR professionals, health professionals, unemployed) with or without experience of mental ill-health to help us to create mentally health workplaces.

Contact us to join our network:

To find out more and to become involved with Time to Change York, please email our Project Coordinator Emma on timetochange@yorkcvs.org.uk