We have created a short questionnaire about your experience at the Young Champions Induction Training in London. This should take a maximum of 10 minutes.

I know it was a big weekend for a lot of you (as it was for me, you're all incredible!) and we would be so grateful if you took time to reflect and so we can learn from your experiences and improve. We will always appreciate feedback and highly value your input.

As it was three weeks ago (time flies!!) I have attached the agenda here in case you need a little memory jog :)

If you complete this questionnaire by Friday 12th October, you could be in a chance of winning a signed copy of Natasha Davon’s new book, The Beginners Guide to Being Mental.


Please include your full name if you wish to be entered into the competition. You are of course welcome to fill in this evaluation anonymously if you would prefer.
Your confidence levels

As you are now Time to Change Young Champions it would be great if you could reflect on your confidence levels post the Induction Training Weekend. Please answer as honestly as possible and remember we will working on building your confidence and training you over the next 18 months. It's just to give a sense of where you are now and how we can best support you going forward.


How confident are you to....


If you aren't currently in education or employment please answer 'not applicable' If you are currently in both education and employment please answer for the area you feel least confident talking about mental health in.
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