Hello Young Champions!

  • Please use National Rail to plan a suitable journey to and from the venue on both days. Then fill in the form below with your preferred travel details and/or hotel request and we will book your train tickets and hotel room
  • When your travel is booked you will receive an email from Capita (our ticket booking provider) with an 8 digit reference code and a suggested journey. You will need a debit/credit card and this code to collect your tickets from any mainline ticket machine or booth. Your card will not be charged.
  • We will always endeavour to book you open returns to ensure you have flexibility to travel and return when you wish to. If this isn't possible, we will make this clear when you receive your confirmation and your tickets.
  • If you require a hotel room due to a very long journey, accessibility or wellbeing reasons please tick the box and one the Time to Change team will be in touch.

Happy Travelling :)

Please enter 'N/A' in this field if you are not travelling by train