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Hi, my name is Ian, I’m 49 years old, married for over 17 years and have a radiantly beautiful daughter who is 14 going on 21! I work at Highways England in Value Management and my role there helps to inform and prioritise roadbuilding and road maintenance schemes. Outwardly I appear confident, well informed and some...

A year ago I wouldn’t have imagined I would be talking so freely about my mental health. Throughout my life, only a few people have known about my problems and not all of them have known the full extent. At a Christmas party last year I was having an open discussion with a friend about her supporting Mind, the mental...

You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve tried to write this. Somehow the words just don’t come out. To give you some idea, there was a six month gap between me writing this and me clicking “send”. "I love you" is a walk in the park compared with "I've got depression" “I’ve got depression.” Why is it so hard to say...

“It feels like I am at the bottom of a well. I can see the light at the top but there’s no way to climb out” I remember describing that feeling to my counsellor when I was at my worst. I was diagnosed with depression in 2014, but in all honesty I had the same empty feeling for about five years prior to that. Every day...


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