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This year, I was sat in a classroom learning about relapse prevention as part of my training to be a mental health nurse. When I was 18, five years ago, this isn’t where I thought I would be in 2015. Before I became unwell, I’d never thought much about mental illness. Five years later, I’m embarking on a career dedicated...

It is hard to be suicidal when you have a full time job, a four year old and a husband who adores you. It is difficult to accept you are feeling suicidal when you have your son’s arms wrapped around you, work is going well and your husband is singing funny songs to make you both laugh. It is a struggle to even accept...

Last summer, my boyfriend dumped me. It was a serious relationship and we were about to get married. It wasn’t a healthy relationship. I used him as my crutch. I told myself ‘as long as I have him, I’ll be fine.’ I knew that there was a possibility he could leave and not necessarily by choice e.g. a tragic accident could...

For three years, the only people who knew what I was going through and why I was struggling mentally were my family and professionals. The what can only be described as horror stories that I was told about our local psychiatric hospital made me reluctant to admit to any friends that I’d actually been an inpatient there...


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