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We’re about to go through customs and the back of my neck twinges with a delayed panic at the amount of medication that is in my suitcase.Rose's blog I don’t...

This blog talks about issues that may be triggering to some readers This is the story of the last few years of my life - it's about times when I've been unwell, but still felt able to talk about my mental health issues....

Please note that this blog may be triggering for some readers. For me depression manifested itself over a long period of time – around 7 years – it all started when I was very badly bullied both and emotionally for most of my childhood and left me having no self confidence, no self esteem and, most of all, no self worth...

I was distressed, confused: often tearful.Sheila's blog I remember that bit. Looking back over a decade later, I'm pretty sure I was annoying, too....


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