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Davina McCall

"Talking about mental health problems should be as easy as talking about physical health problems - you wouldn't be ashamed or scared to tell someone you were ill would you?  Being open about mental health goes a long way to breaking down the stigma.  It's time to talk, it's Time to Change."


Marcus TrescothickMarcus Trescothick

“Depression doesn’t care who it attacks; if it wants you, you cannot beat it off with a CV or a bank balance.”

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Rebecca Front

Rebecca Front

“I think it’s really important to take the stigma out of mental health and start talking about it, because the more you hide it and the more you bury it deep inside you, the more you start to believe that it’s just you – and it isn’t just you.” 

Video: Rebecca Front speaks about mental health >>


Stephen Fry

“I want to speak out, to fight the public stigma and to give a clearer picture of mental illness that most people know little about.”

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Ruby Wax

“I’m pledging to talk openly about my mental health issues and to help get people talking about the ‘M’ word. Mental health problems are so common, it could be anyone. The trouble is no one wants to talk about it.”



Tony Adams

"Mental health problems can affect anyone - footballers too.  I'm pledging to support Time to Change, to help tackle stigma and encourage everyone to realise that it's OK to talk about mental health."



Gok Wan

“I’m pledging my support to Time to Change because it’s time we all understood more about mental health problems and how we can support friends and family.”



Patsy Palmer

“When I had a mental health problem, I was frightened to tell people about it, because I thought they might treat me differently or think I couldn’t cope.  But people with mental health problems shouldn’t be treated any differently to anyone else.  That’s why I’m pledging to help end mental health prejudice.”

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Claudia Winkleman

“People with mental health problems often feel they have to hide it, for fear of how others might react.  But mental health problems are so common, they shouldn’t be hidden in shame and secrecy.  That’s why I’m supporting Time to Change, to get this issue out into the open.”


Frank Bruno

“As a boxer, you can always see the opponent you’re fighting. Mental health problems, and people’s narrow-mindedness about them, are not so easy to see. That’s why I pledge to support Time to Change – to help make this issue visible and something we can all fight together.”

Video: Frank and his daughter speak about mental health >>


Trisha Goddard

Trisha Goddard

“Almost 25 years ago I pledged I’d do the utmost to get rid of the shame surrounding my sister’s mental illness. Then 16 years ago I pledged to refuse to be ashamed about my own mental health problems. I continue to pledge to shine bright light into dark corners of ignorance.”

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Melanie C

Mel C

“Mental health issues are just part of life and people can and do recover to lead full and successful lives. I’m pledging my support to help end mental health prejudice. When will you?”


Fiona Phillips

“I pledge to help end mental health prejudice, because people with mental-health problems need love, understanding and support - not to be told to 'pull yourself together.'  It's our outdated attitudes that need to snap out of it - any one of us could be affected, so we should all learn more and talk more about mental health.”  


Alastair Campbell

“People feel more open and feel they can talk about physical illnesses, but once you get into the mental illness arena people feel much more buttoned up, and I think that reinforces the taboo, reinforces the stigma, and it’s got to be broken down.”

Video: Alastair Campbell talks about mental health


Derek Martin and his son

Derek Martin

“The more you talk about mental health, the more you learn and the more it brings it out. It’s a relief, like a safety valve. And the more that you communicate with people, whether it be strangers or friends, you suddenly realise, we’re not on our own."

Video: Derek Martin and his son talk about mental health and their relationship >>


Denise Richards

Denise Robertson

“Mental health is an issue for us all. At This Morning I often come across people who have experienced discrimination because of their mental health problem. I am amazed that people can still be treated so wrongly because of this in the 21st century. I suffered from severe depression myself at one time. Stigma and discrimination can wreck lives. Yet everyone can change their attitudes – you don’t need to be an expert to make a difference to a friend, family member or colleague who needs your support.”


Stephen K Amos

“Mental health problems can happen to anyone at any age at anytime, just like other illnesses. Yet some of those people still face stigma. It could affect you or me. It’s time to change.”



The Wanted

“People with mental health problems face prejudice every day.  It’s the small things we all say and do without meaning to that can cause the most harm – like telling someone to ‘snap out of it’ or not keeping in touch.  We're supporting Time to Change, to help show that we can all make a small change that will make a big difference.”


Trevor Nelson

Trevor Nelson

"I would like to pledge my support for ending prejudice and the stigma attached to people with mental health problems. I have met and been friends with many people over the years who, through some trauma in their lives, have never fully recovered and find it difficult to cope. I honestly believe having mental health issues is often misunderstood, that’s why I try not to desert these people."


Michelle Mone

"Mental health is a very real issue about which many people are afraid to open up. Talking about it is the first step towards tackling the stigma attached and everyone can help make a difference."

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