Talking to your child about mental health

Talking mental health with your son or daughter might feel like a tricky topic.

But conversations about it come in many forms,and showing you’d be open to that conversation means they will be more likely to come to you should they experience a mental health problem – directly or through seeing a friend go through it. 

Remember, not knowing things about mental health is OK. Just being available and open to talk about it will almost always help.


Mental health affects the way we think and feel about ourselves and others, and how we respond to daily life.

We often avoid the topic of ‘mental health’, but being open to talking about it can break down any taboos.

You don’t need to be an expert to talk about mental health, and conversations can come in many forms.

Hear parents and young people talk about their mental health experiences and the things that helped them.

Use our downloadable infographic to get ready to talk with your family.

We work with people of all ages to make things better for those with mental health problems, find out more about what our Children and Young People's team does here.

Support for parents

Our campaign partner, YoungMinds, offers support for parents if you are worried about  your child.

This campaign is funded by the Department of Health and managed by Time to Change, in partnership with YoungMinds.

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