Time to Talk Day: 6 February

Thursday 6 February was the first ever Time to Talk Day where we aimed to get more people talking about mental health than ever before. We set ourselves an ambitious target of reaching a million conversations about mental health and thanks to all of you we beat this target and achieved an incredible 1,066,506 conversations. Take a look at our infographic to see how we reached the target:



But the day was about so much more than just the numbers.  You have told us about how the day provoked many inspiring, stigma busting and even life-changing conversations, and made it possible to talk more openly about mental health – which is what we need to do in order to break down stigma and discrimination. An example of a real conversation that took place as a result of the day was when one person felt able to open up to their mum about their depression and eating disorder. They talked for hours and the next day went to see their GP for more support.

We also ran a live blog, so you can catch up on what went on.

Here’s a special thank you message from our Director, Sue Baker, who talks about our impact from the day:


Time to Talk Day is over. What can I do now?

Watch this space – on Thursday 5 February 2015 we’ll be doing it all again, so get it in your diaries and sign up to our newsletter to be kept up to date with the latest information.


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